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Going on vacation with your Pets has never been so simple!

We would be happy to make your joint holiday, unforgettable. We only have a few house rules.

Ideal floor for cleaning

Included services
Hygiene bags available at the front desk
"Dog Shower" including soap, brushes, latex aprons, hair drier and clean towels!

Extra services
Dog-sitting: Margot and Andrea will take care of your four legged, whilst your stay at the Smart Hotel Saslong. We offer full day services from Monday to Friday, walks and private hours.
Full day service: Long walks, play time and activities for your dog
Walks: Your dog will be walked for three hours
Private hours: With love and treats, your dog will be trained for better obedience

A few house rules:
Dogs must be kept on the leash in the common rooms
Dogs must not be left alone in the room (Italian law Art. 727)
1 dog only per room

We don't provide food for your dog

Pet friendly price of: € 12,00 a day