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Covid 19
Special offers
Treat yourself … After months of demonstration of a huge civile sense, humanity and many personal sacrifices, we can look at the future with a little pride and start to treat ourselves again. In order to return with full energy in our day to day lives, sometimes we can make ourselves a little gift.
Father and Son weeks

Fun surrounded by nature and fresh air is the best way to bond. Downhill biking, climbing, adventure parks and a sip or two of beer with dad, like real man do!
50% off from 0- 18 Years

  • Nature
  • Saving
  • Fun
Promo Code FATHER2020
Mother and Child week

Curing the family core by bonding with your children. Nothing better than spending the day, hiking in the vast nature, to strengthen trust and harmony.
50% off from 0- 18 Years

  • Balance
  • Saving
  • Relationships
Promo Code MOTHER2020
Woman adventurer week

Who says that you need a man for a good holiday? Discover and share adventures with your best girl friends and maybe find some new ones.
20% off for every girlfriend you bring with you!

  • Fun
  • Bonding
  • Socialising
  • Saving
Promo Code DONNA2020
Double confort single price

Treat yourself to a double bed and all the confort of a double room. Take care of yourself, find your inner connection back and put yourself in first place, without paying surcharges.

  • Balance
  • Saving
  • Selflove
Promo Code SINGLE2020
Are you a fidelius guest?

Have you already been guest of the Smart Hotel Saslong? Than you are among our fidelius guests.
You will gain priority status and a free upgrade.

  • High quality
  • More services
  • Exclusivity
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More flexibility
Chalet Hartmann Loves Acadia Mountain Home

Would you like to change Hotel or just get closer to the beauty of Self di Val Gardena, staying only a few meters form the UNESCO world heritage Puez Olle National Park, in the middle of your stay? We grant you the same quality of staying without any surcharge.

Selva di V.
Chalet Hartmann Loves Smart Hotel Saslong

Chalet Hartmann Loves Smart Hotel Saslong
Mid stay you decide that you want to double your remaining nights? Just move to the Smart Hotel Saslong, a few minutes from Col Reser UNESCO world heritage park for no extra charges!

Santa Cristina
Santa Cristina
Smart Hotel Loves Chalet Hartmann

A little more luxury? Spend your third night in one the the romantic rooms of the Hotel Hartmann,
small mountain Chalet with beautiful view on Ortisei without any extra charges.

Santa Cristina
Smart Hotel Loves Hotel Acadia

A little more luxury? Spend your third night in one the the romantic rooms of the Hotel Acadia, only a few meters form the UNESCO world heritage Puez Olle National Park, with no such at all.

Selva di V.
Selva di V.
Hotel Acadia Loves Chalet Hartmann

Would you like to change Hotel or just get closer to the beauty of Ortisei, Stay at the Chalet Hotel Hartmann a small mountain Chalet with beautiful view on Ortisei without any extra charges.

Selva di V.
Hotel Acadia Loves Smart Hotel Saslong

Mid stay you decide that you want to double your remaining nights? Just move to the Smart Hotel Saslong, a few minutes from Col Reser UNESCO world heritage park for no extra charges!

Santa Cristina
The advantages
Treat yourself to a trip to the origins

Far from the stress of the day to day life, rediscover the simple pleasures of a home made pasta, a walk in the nature, and all the shades of the sunlight.

  • Simplicity
  • Senses
  • Happiness
  • Sowing down
Treat yourself to the embrace of the woods

A walk in the woods will make you feel good and stimulate your spirituality. getting lost in the woods helps you to find yourself.

  • Spiritual connection
  • Biophilia
  • Therapeutic power
Treat yourself to safe rooms

Since several years, we treat our rooms with ozone. This gas kills all germs, viruses and bacteria from all surfaces, fabrics and from the air.

  • Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Sleep quality
Treat yourself to water from dolomitic springs

Just one shower or simply brushing your teeth will make discover the pleasure of this low calcium and high mineral water. It regenerates and refreshens you.

  • Freshness
  • Balance
  • Body care
Treat yourself to better sleep

A fresh breeze, the silence of a small mountain village and a safe and cozy retreat. Those are all factors that will grant you a true night of rest.

  • Cozy
  • Rest
  • Regeneration
Treat yourself to movement

The many possible alas and hikes in the Puez-Odle UNESCO world heritage national Park, invite you to to make some healthy and easy exercise.

  • Health
  • Sport
  • Balance
Treat yourself to the olfactive properties

You will encounter the smell of freshly mowed grass, the musk, pine needles or home made jam, they will bring you back to better times.

  • Pleasure
  • Happiness
  • Adventure
Treat yourself to organic wellbeing

When you find yourself in the mountains, immerse yourself completely in nature and take advantage of all its beneficial properties.

  • Wellbeing
  • Stronger imune system
  • Natural Kneipp therapy
Treat yourself to more free services

The many little attention during your stay will make the difference.

Do you choose to savour your meal in the privacy of your own room? No charges will be applied for that.

  • Privacy
  • Distance
  • Safety
  • Exclusivity
Treat yourself to more serenity

A new working position was born: The VIRUS FIGHTER

It Only job is to sanitiser all surfaces you might come in contact during your stay.

Sanitary precautions
Sanitary precautions

To give you a carefree holiday it is our responsibility to take all precautionary measures so that you no longer have to think about it. All rooms at each arrival are rigorously sanitized with the use of Ozone, which removes any parasites, viruses or bacteria from the air, surfaces and substances. You will often come across our internal "Virus Fighter", whose sole job is to disinfect all surfaces you may come into contact with. He will also be your contact person for our health procedures.
We also pay attention to your safety in the hotel shuttle. On request, it can also be booked privately. Of course free of charge.
Throughout the house you will find dispensers with disinfectant gel at your disposal, the use of which is mandatory for our employees.
Protective gloves and respiratory masks are available for free at the reception.

Travel cancellation insurance
Travel cancellation insurance

As a single action for winter 2020/2021, travel insurance will be FREE for all bookings in non-refundable rates. This is our way of thanking our guests who have once again decided to give us their trust. Enjoy all the peace of mind that insurance can give you at a lower price than other rates!
More information and conditions HERE

Tips and tricks for the Winter 

Tips and tricks for your next winter holiday!

Wear a face mask!
In Italy face mask will still be mandatory for this winter season at least in communal areas. But for this winter consider neck warmers, not only are they practical and warm for skiing, but also safe for the whole day!

Form groups of 4!
In the Dolomites, social distancing is still very relevant; therefore at the lifts form already groups of 4 and you will be faster in line. Also you won’t have to share the cabin with anyone else!

Ozone is your best friend!
One of the best ways to sanitize a surface or a room is by exposing it to ozone. Look for Hotels that disinfect hotel rooms with Ozone, which is your safest bet! Some hotels even provide an Ozone box for the guests where you can sterilize your personal items if you wish!  

Always wash your hands!
Washing your hand is still the safest practice. But what can you do when you are ´not at home? Sanitizers will be available for you almost everywhere, but when you find yourself outside, consider Alcoholic Sprays as they dry faster and won’t freeze your hands!

Pack enough warm clothes!
Just as the other years, fun and entertainment will still be provided, but most of the events will take place in the open air in order to guarantee the social distancing norms.  Therefor make sure to be dressed warm and enjoy yourself like every year!

Book in advance!
Since many restaurants will have to sacrifice some tables in order to guarantee the needed space between tables, it might be difficult to find availability this winter. Make sure to book in advance so that you can jump annoying queues! This also works for your ski rental!

Book your holiday with insurance!
Refundable prices are not always the most convenient solution. Look out for Non-refundable rates and include a travel insurance to have all the flexibility benefits but at a much lower rate!

Choose reliable Hotels and regions!
In all Val Gardena during this summer, we had no cases of infected or positive tested guests in any of the Hotels; this is for us another indicator of how seriously everybody took the Safety guidelines!   

What is included?

Included services

Optional services
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External Services

Questions about the booking

What do I have to do to book a room at the SASLONG SMART HOTEL?
There are three options:

1) Online reservation at the most convenient price (guaranteed best price):
Fast and easy in just 3 clicks. This helps us save time and that means you save too!
For a fast and easy reservation: Use the online reservation system to guarantee a room at the SASLONG SMART HOTEL. It's easy and you'll save time and money! If you have any other questions, please call us.
[ Online booking ]

2) Reservation with telephone assistance
The SASLONG SMART HOTEL reservation office is open from 8 am to 10 pm. The reception staff will be happy to help you.

Please call: (Tel. +39 0471 77 44 44)
Advance payment with credit card and you will receive a written confirmation from the SASLONG SMART HOTEL within three hours (hours 8 am to 10 pm).

Our bank details:
IBAN:  IT 82 K 08238 58680 000302026759
Bank:  Raiffeisenkasse Gröden

3) Reservation by fax, e-mail or letter
More time is required to use this system. Reservations received with this option will be processed in 4 hours. The hotel accepts payments with credit card, bank transfer or postal money order.

Our fax number:
Fax +39 0471 774477

Our postal adress:
I-39047 S. Christina Val Gardena
Dolomites – South Tyrol – Italy

Questions concerning groups

For groups of 25+ persons
We will be happy to host all of your travel group!
For booking and information contact us at:
Group bookings on portals like, or others wan't be accepted.

Questions concerning prices

What is the Best Price Guarantee? with guarantee is always the best way to make reservations at our hotel.
The SASLONG SMART HOTEL, through, offers the best price guarantee. This means that we guarantee that no other site will offer you a lower price for a room at the SASLONG SMART HOTEL. Best Price Guarantee for services that can be booked at the hotel (ski school, ski service, taxi, mountain climbing guide, etc.)
You will receive the best price off the price list.

What prices are offered by the SMART SASLONG HOTEL?
[ To the price calculator ]

What do prices refer to?
All prices are in Euro, and are per person per night and only include the overnight stay.
You can personalise your stay with a wide choice of optional services, paying only for what you really use.

How much does it cost to park at the SASLONG SMART HOTEL?
There are enough parking spaces outside or in the garage. Parking is free!

How much does breakfast cost at the SASLONG SMART HOTEL?
One of the best breakfasts in the region - € 15,00 per person

Questions about the opening hours

What are the hours of the SASLONG SMART HOTEL reception?
At the SASLONG SMART HOTEL the reception is open every day from 7:30 am -11:30 am and from 3:00 pm -7:00 pm.

When can we check in to the hotel?
On your arrival day check in begins at 3 pm.

Do you expect to arrive late?
Please contact our reservation centre by 7 pm on your expected arrival day. We will give you all the instructions you need to complete the Self-Service CHECK IN procedure.
We will send the instructions to you per e-mail, SMS or Whatsapp! Fast, Easy and Smart so you don't have to rush!

Was you journey better than expected and you arrived early?
If the room is available, you can check-in from 7:30 h in the morning, for just 25,00 Euros per Room.

You don't want to loose any of you precious holiday time with paperwork?
Fill out our check-In forms from home and save time once you arrive!
[ To the registration form ]

On your departure day you must check out by 11 am.

Enjoy the day fully?
It may also be possible to have a LATE CHECK-OUT by 7 pm (if the room is available) but only after making arrangements with the reception. In this case you will be charged an additional fee of € 25.00 per person.

Questions about payment

Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?
You will need a credit card to make an online guaranteed reservation for your stay at the SASLONG SMART HOTEL (through

Can I make a reservation through even without a credit card?
At you must have a credit card to make a reservation.
For a written or telephone reservation you can also pay by bank transfer.
If you go directly to the Reception without a reservation, you can pay also in cash.

What credit cards can I use to pay for my stay at the SASLONG SMART HOTEL?
The SASLONG SMART HOTEL accepts Visa and Master Card.

Cancellation Policy

How are the cancellation policies at the SMART HOTEL SASLONG?

The total price of the reservation will be charged from your credit card on the day of booking.
Please note, if cancelled, modified or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.

At the moment of the reservation we ask you a deposit of 30% by credit card.
You will be charged 30% of the total price if you cancel after reservation and till 48 hours before your arrival.
You will be charged 100% if you cancel within 48 hours before your arrival.


We suggest that you take out a trip cancellation insurance policy (this is 5% of the total price of your stay). In this case you will be reimbursed for the entire amount of your stay.
[ To the Cancellation Policy ]